Choi Min Hwan and Yul Hee revealed their DNA test results, “1.47% African?”

Choi Min Hwan and Yul Hee did a family DNA test.

On November 12th, a new video titled “My husband and I did DNA test! Our family genetic test report-★” was uploaded on Yul Hee’s Youtube channel.

In the released video, Yul Hee took her son Jae Yul and daughters Ah Rin & Ah Yoon to school then came back home and turned on the camera again.

Yul Hee said, “We sat down at the table for breakfast after sending all the kids to school! But before breakfast, we have something to do so I turned on the camera. We got a package. This DNA test kit was popular on the Internet for a while”, adding “I thought the DNA test was only to find out my ancestry but it also shows my personality, my dancing ability, my genetic diseases, the traits I could give to my children and how I take stress”.

Yul Hee and Choi Min Hwan installed the app, scraped their cheeks 10 times on both sides, and put them back in the envelope. After taking the samples, they could check the results on the app after 2~3 weeks.

Choi Min-hwan Yul-hee

Their result came out after a month. Both were surprised to find out that Choi Min Hwan got musical and dancing abilities. Yul Hee said, “Because when you have to be on Kingdom and stuff, you learn how to dance, right? You were not bad. You just don’t have the confidence”. Yul Hee also received music and dance as her skills. She reacted, “There is a higher chance our kids also have them”.

The two then looked at the results for their ancestry. Accordingly, Yul Hee is 100% East Asian while Choi Min Hwan is 98.53% East Asian and 1.47% African. Yul Hee reacted, “African?”, Choi Min Hwan explained, “It doesn’t mean I have them in my blood. It usually means I have the DNA that most of the people in that region have themselves. So statistically, it’s the DNA you can easily find in that region, that’s how it traces”.

Choi Min-hwan Yul-hee

The best dietary plan for Yul Hee is low-carb. She said, “I need to eat less rice”. Choi Min Hwan burst into laughter and commented, “No, you can eat a lot of rice, chubby. Just stop eating tteokbokki”.

Next, regarding their family planning, Yul Hee said, “They check all these diseases and tell you if you could possibly pass it down to your kids or not. But we only have negatives!”.

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