Cho Hyun Young, “I’m still receiving calls from my cheating ex-boyfriend… I’m enjoying that”

Rainbow Cho Hyun Young mentioned her ex-boyfriend.

On November 6th, Cho Hyun Young uploaded a new video titled “I got a call from my ex, who cheated on me”, on her Youtube channel “Just hyunyoung”.

Cho Hyun Young read the comment from a subscriber who said, “I was friends with my ex-girlfriend for 12 years. After we started dating and living together, I had a hard time because she kept on cheating on me”. 

Revealing that he lost money due to his ex-girlfriend, the subscriber continued, “I was very upset and disappointed because of the loss of 50 million won”, adding “I ended my relationship with her without asking for any money. She married the man whom she cheated on me with and had a child”. He confessed, “She contacted me a while ago and asked if I could lend her 5 million won because she thought she would get divorced soon. Is there any way for me to solve this without my acquaintances knowing it?”

Cho Hyun Young

In this regard, the production staff mentioned Cho Hyun Young’s ex-boyfriend. It is because Cho Hyun Young also broke up with her ex-boyfriend because he cheated on her. When asked, “Did you end your relationship right away?”, Cho Hyun Young said, “I ended it right away, but I’m still receiving calls from him. You shouldn’t do things that you’ll regret”, adding “I want to see until when he will stop texting me. I’m enjoying that right now”.

In response to her subscriber’s story, she said, “You shouldn’t answer these kinds of people. Or you can just enjoy it the way I do. Do you avoid poop because it’s scary? You avoid it because it’s dirty”, giving advice. 

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