Chinese Fans Defend BTS’s Jungkook Amid Alleged Leaked Video, “Antis Must Have Recreated His Room”

Chinese fans have given their explanations for the leaked video of Jungkook and a girl in his house

On the morning of September 30, a video believed to be of BTS’s Jungkook and a mysterious girl was leaked and became a hot topic.

Rumors were raised that Jungkook was having an intimate date with a unknown girl in the video, a Chinese fan of Jungkook posted an explanation,

“Jungkook has livestreamed many times this year to share about his life as well as show his trust in fans. He has revealed his home and interior decoration to everyone and this has created opportunities for those who want to take advantage of it to spread false rumors. Hopefully everyone will not fall into the trap that antis have set, and don’t be fooled by the room that antis have painstakingly arranged to replicate.

Through livestreams, it can be seen that Jungkook’s home location and even his home’s number have been found by many sasaeng fans. From a high-rise building near his apartment, one can secretly take photos of him, so to protect his privacy, Jungkook always has his curtains closed.

This is definitely a fake rumor. Anti intentionally chose the time at midnight after Jungkook released the “3D” MV because this was the time when his fans were focusing on watching the MV, so no one would clarify. It’s all about damaging-our-achievements.”

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Besides, some fans said that Jungkook’s fandom was warned about fake dating rumors breaking out during the release of the MV 5 days ago.

This article has currently reached 15,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments on Chinese social media Weibo.

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