“Cheer Up” cancels today (Nov 7th)’s broadcast due to professional baseball series

SBS’ “Cheer Up” announced the cancellation of today (Nov 7th)’s broadcast.

According to SBS’ “Cheer Up” (directed by Han Tae-seop, Oh Joon-hyuk/written by Cha Hae-won/produced by Studio S) on Nov 7th, episode 9, which was scheduled to air on the same day, will be canceled due to the broadcast of Game 5 of Korean Series (professional baseball). However, if the game is canceled due to rain, the drama will air normally.

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“Cheer Up”, which first aired on Oct 3rd, ranked second in the Drama TV Topicality Top 10 for the 4th week of October announced by Good Data Corporation as well as topped the Monday-Tuesday drama category for 4 consecutive weeks. In the Drama Cast Topicality Top 10, Han Ji-hyun ranked third and Bae In-hyuk ranked fifth, continuing their trending moves amid enthusiastic interest from viewers.

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“Cheer Up” stimulated curiosity by releasing two-shots of Han Ji-hyun (as Do Hae-yi) and Bae In-hyuk (as Park Jung-woo) ahead of episode 9. In the still cuts, Bae In-hyuk is sitting at Han Ji-hyun’s bedside, creating a sweet atmosphere. Han Ji-hyun is falling into a deep sleep while Bae In-hyuk is looking at Han Ji-hyun with a warm and affectionate gaze, but suddenly his eyes are filled with sadness.

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In particular, attention is focused on Bae In-hyuk’s expression. Bae In-hyuk’s expression and eyes looking at Han Ji-hyun as if confessing his sweet love are sorrowful yet affectionate. Accordingly, viewers’ interest in the romance of Dowoo couple (Do Hae-yi + Park Jung-woo) is hotter than ever.

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The production team of SBS’ “Cheer Up” said, “Bae In-hyuk’s deep melodramatic acting is expected to raise Dowoo couple’s affection index to its peak. Bae In-hyuk’s feelings towards Han Ji-hyun and the excitement of first love will melt viewers’ hearts, so please look forward to it.”

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Meanwhile, SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Cheer Up” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM. It is a mystery campus romance set in the backdrop of a cheering squad where eating and living is useless in the moment, but splendid and precious romance is.

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