Cheating Korean Actor Vanished with Mistress, Cannot be Contacted by Company

Recently, actor Kang Kyung-joon, who is married to actress Jang Shin-young, was recently embroiled in a cheating scandal. 

In particular, Korean news sites reported that the actor became close with a married woman while working together. He was then sued by the woman’s husband for 50 million Korean won (approx 38,000 USD) in damages, under claims of infidelity. However, immediately after this news was published, the cheating Korean actor vanished with his mistress.

kang kyung joon

According to Kang Kyung-joon’s company, both Kang and the woman he ran away with have been absent from work since January 4 without any prior notice. 

When the company asked for an explanation, the couple said it was a misunderstanding, only to completely disappear and cannot be contacted later on.

kang kyung joon-jang shin young

Previously, when the lawsuit regarding Kang Kyung-joon’s infidelity was first reported, the actor’s agency issued a statement, claiming that it was a misunderstanding. 

However, media outlets later released text messages between Kang Kyung-joon and his mistress, fueling the cheating allegations. Responding to this, the actor’s agency stated that they were unable to respond due to this being a private matter. 

kang kyung joon-jang shin young

On the other hand, Kang Kyung-joon was previously known for his “fatherly image” and sweet relationship with his wife, Jang Shin-young on TV programs “Same Bed, Different Dreams” and “The Return of Superman”, making the news extremely shocking to the public. 

Source: StarNews

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