Chanyeol is the secret millionaire of EXO with outstanding wealth

The male idol grew up rich and only gets wealthier over time. 

When it comes to the secret millionaire of EXO, Chanyeol is the name that comes to mind. Not only is the idol handsome and talented, he also earns huge amounts of money and has extremely expensive habits.

EXO Chanyeol
Chanyeol is a super well-off member of EXO. 

Chanyeol is the tallest member of EXO with outstanding visuals. As a rapper in the group, he is also super talented with a strong voice and great ability to produce and write music. 

The idol has a lot of talents, from singing, rapping, to writing songs.

Born in a wealthy family with both parents being businessen, Chanyeol received a lot of care and love from his parents. However, he always holds a strong passion for music, and sets out to pursue his dream and make his own fortune. 

Chanyeol is born with a silver spoon.
Despite having everything from the start, the idol never fails to work hard and improve himself. 

Famous as he is, Chanyeol’s earnings are also quite the sight to see. The price tags for his collection of luxury goods is simply jaw-dropping. 

A noticeable case is when Chanyeol was spotted wearing an expensive Rolex Submariner watch, which is made of gold embedded with a ring of blue bezel. The watch really took luxury to the next level, costing a whopping 34,656 USD. 

exo chanyeol
Chanyeol wearing his luxury watch made of gold and blue bezels. 

The famous idol also adorns clothes from high-end brands. He once wore an eye-catching red jacket that cost over 3,600 USD! 

exo chanyeol
Fans were shocked to learn the price of Chanyeol’s jacket. 

After 5 years of working, Chanyeol was able to buy himself an expensive car. Fans have caught the idol driving his Merccedes-Benz AMG G65 2016, an SUV whose international price was set around 250,000 USD. In Korea, it can sell for 370 million won, which is over 289,000 USD. 

exo chanyeol
Chanyeol now owns a 289,000 USD SUV

At one point, Chanyeol’s expensive collection no longer surprised his fans. Moreover, the idol’s luxurious charms helped him become ambassadors for various famous brands, and got him invited to multiple magazine photoshoots and commercial films. Chanyeol’s acting debut also gained a quite remarkable reception. 

exo chanyeol
Chanyeol is the muse of numerous brands. 
exo chanyeol
He often appears in various fashion magazines, and is big in the fashion industry. 

Alongside his earnings from showbiz, Chanyeol also has his own business and investments. His coffee shop, lovingly called “Chanyeol World”, is a famous spot for EXO-Ls (fandom of EXO).

In addition, the idol is heavily into real estate. According to the Chanyeol, he has purchased a 5-story building in Yeonmi District, Mapo, Seoul, and even paid 80% of the price, which came up to over 1.8 billion won (1.4 million USD) in cash. 

exo chanyeol
He onced paid over 1.4 million won in cash to purchase a whole building. 

Despite all of his wealth, properties, and collections, Chanyeol still humbly calls himself “the poorest member of EXO”. But fans can only shake their heads, for they know the idol is a secret millionaire. 

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