Chae Jung An bought brand C’s 19.1 million won bracelet in installments “All my friends have this”

Singer-actress Chae Jung An revealed that she purchased luxury brand C’s bracelet in installments.

On May 25th, a video titled “Chae Jung An‘s introduction to jewelry” was uploaded on Chae Jung An’s YouTube channel “Chae Jung An TV”.


Chae Jung An revealed her accessories and jewelry, saying, “I’ll introduce jewelry that goes well with any look.

Following colorful rings, necklaces and leather necklaces, Chae Jung An introduced Cartier’s bracelet. She said, “I thought about saving after I got a large sum of money, but I bought this.”


In particular, Chae Jung An drew attention by confessing, “When I get together with my friends, everyone seems to have one (Cartier’s bracelet). I bought it in installments. I can’t remember whether it was 11 months or 8 months.”

Cartier’s bracelet purchased by Chae Jung An costs 19.1 million won.

Meanwhile, Chae Jung An appeared on tvN’s “Family: The Unbreakable Bond”, which ended on May 23rd.

Source: Nate

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