Caught in a child abuse allegations, how is Zheng Shuang hanging on? 

Chinese social media is raging at Zheng Shuang’s latest activities after being accused of child neglect. 

According to Sina, Zheng Shuang’s recent status update on Instagram showed the actress living her life and travelling around despite being accused with child abuse. In the released photos, Zheng Shuang was seen smiling brightly and radiating a positive aura. 

Zheng Shuang released pictures of her travel on her personal Instagram 
Zheng Shuang appeared calm after various scandals 

Zheng Shuang also appeared in a charity program by the Chinese community in the US where she was seen wearing a whole outfit of luxuruy items, interacting and taking photos with fans. It seemed the actress was enjoying her life even after various controversies. 

Zheng Shuang
That was the first time Zheng Shuang appeared in the public after a series of scandals
She happily chatted with her fans 

On January 7th, Zhang Heng organized a press conference to issue evidence of Zheng Shuang’s abusive and mentally demaging behaviors. In response, Zheng Shuang denied all allegations from her ex and affirmed that she did not abuse nore neglect her two children. 

Moreover, Zheng Shuang’s father also spoke up for his daughter, saying that he had seen Zhang Heng’s livestream and could not accept his “lowly” behavior in order to deceive the public before the trial for custody of the couple’s children. 

Source: Sina

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