Can Kim Hieora change public opinion on bullying scandal with support from classmate, Jung Sung Il & Lim Ji Yeon?

Voices defending Kim Hieora in the ongoing school violence controversy are pouring out

On September 6th, Kim Hieora made posts on her SNS account to refute the school violence allegations twice. The actress said, “I never participated in school violence acts”, adding “I did not maliciously, continuously, or intentionally torment the weak then continued living like a coward, as portrayed in the article”. 

In particular, Lim Ji Yeon and Jung Sung Il, who worked with Kim Hieora in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, were seen pressing “like” on the post. Many netizens were surprised to see the two openly supporting their fellow actress amid such a serious controversy.

Lim Ji Yeon and Jung Sung Il Show Support for Kim Hieora'

On the 7th, netizen A claimed to be Kim Hieora’s classmate in middle school and posted an article on an online community defending the actress, drawing keen attention.

A said, “Kim Hieora was very famous when she was in middle school. She was incredibly fair-skinned so she stood out so much if she just walked around”, adding “As far as I remember, Kim Hieora’s statement is true. I don’t recall Big Sangji bullying or harassing others like the recent school violence report. The worst thing I remember them doing is cutting in line at the cafeteria”.

Earlier on the 6th, Dispatch disclosed that Kim Hieora was a member of an iljin gang named ‘Big Sangji’ in her middle school that extorted money and abused other friends verbally and physically. In response, Kim Hieora’s agency acknowledged that the actress was a member of Big Sangji but denied the allegation of her direct participation in bullying acts. They emphasized that Big Sangji was just a group of ordinary students, not an iljin gang.

kim hieora

The agency also confirmed that Kim Hieora would continue to perform her musical “FRIDA” despite the ongoing scandal, saying “We discussed with the production company and the actress expressed her intention not to cause damage to the performances”. However, her interview scheduled for the 18th was canceled.

Attention is focused on whether Kim Hieora will be able to overcome the controversy with the support from her classmates and fellow actors.

Source: Daum

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