BTS’s logo might be printed on Barcelona’s uniforms?… Netizens are raising expectations for the new sponsor

BTS may be the first artist printed on Barcelona uniforms.

On March 16th (Korean time), Barcelona officially announced that a sponsorship deal with Spotify has been reached. Spotify logo will be printed on the team’s uniform, and the team’s home stadium, Camp Nou will be rebranded and called the ‘Spotify Camp Nou’.

Barcelona will end their partnership with Rakuten, a Japanese company that has financially supported them since 2017, at the end of this season. From the next season, it plans to form a new partnership with Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service.

With this new sponsorship, the team has secured considerable financial resources. From the 2022-23 season, the club will receive 279.5 million euros of support from Spotify over four years.


Barcelona‘s next season’s uniform has also been leaked. The traditional blue and red stripes are redesigned in a different way. It is not just a combination of two colors, but three color vertical stripes of navy, royal blue and red.

One interesting thing is that as a music streaming service company, the names or logos of the world-class artists can be printed in the center of the uniform. It is still only a guess, but it is being considered as a way to enhance brand exposure and publicity effect.

On March 22nd, information about the expected design was revealed, “Barcelona announced Spotify as the main sponsor. The uniform sponsored may feature an artist belonging to the platform.” The first photo they posted was of BTS.

It’s not entirely impossible. In the past, Atlético Madrid signed a contract with Columbia Pictures, which promoted the movie using the team uniforms at the time.

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