BTS V’s Instagram Reel has over 20 million views in 13 hours… Top 2 worldwide after Ronaldo

BTS V is indeed Kpop King of Instagram!


The video posted on Instagram by BTS (BTS) V exceeded 20 million views in the shortest period of time as an Asian celebrity, the second fastest after Ronaldo in the world, proving the aspect of a global social king.

On the 2nd, on Instagram, V posted a video of mambo dancing to ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ at a jazz bar with the title “Shall we dance?“.


V‘s free dancing alone while enjoying jazz leisurely among many couples in Las Vegas has wowed fans around the world. His name then topped the global and U.S. real-time trends for a long time.

The video quickly garnered explosive views. In just 4 hours, it surpassed 10 million views and in 13 hours, it surpassed 20 million views. In particular, it ranks first among Asian celebrities and second among celebrities in the world.


The top spot was a video of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Juventus in August last year, recording 20 million views in two hours.

The previous second-place record was by Lionel Messi, who surpassed 20 million views in 19 hours, and V broke the record in 13 hours.

Considering the number of soccer fans around the world and Ronaldo‘s Instagram followers of 426.64 million and Messi‘s 319 million, it is possible to guess V‘s powerful power on Instagram. V now has 39.73 million Instagram followers.

All four videos posted by V have more than 30 million views, and the “Shall we dance?” video has currently surpassed 32.96 million views.


The video of V playing the trumpet has 32.88 million views, the video that he captivated fans while listening to Bruno Major‘s music has 34.26 million views, and the video that he enjoyed at Harry Style’s concert last year has 38.11 million views.

V officially received two new records from the Guinness World Records on Instagram and has a strong impact as a mega influencer.

On the ‘Top 20 Most Likes’ post, V‘s post ranked 19th, standing shoulder to shoulder with superstars such as Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. He has 4 posts with 19 million ‘likes‘ which is also the highest among Asian celebrities.

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