BTS’s trip to America this month is canceled due to the Grammy Awards postponement, their concert in March remained unaffected

As the Grammy Awards is postponed due to the complicated current situation of the pandemic, BTS is also forced to change their schedule. However, their domestic concert schedule in March is not affected.

According to the music industry on January 6th, BTS planned to board a flight to the United States to attend the Grammy Awards later this month, but canceled it due to the awards ceremony’s postponement. Following last year’s awards ceremony, BTS was nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for 2 consecutive years, aiming to win the award for the first time in Korean pop music artists’ history.

BTS members have been on a long-term vacation since the Los Angeles concert last month and they are spending time with their families during the year-end and New Year holidays. The music industry used to speculate that they would take a vacation before the preparation period for the Grammy Awards.

BTS Grammy Awards

However, the Recording Academy, which hosts the awards ceremony, said it would cancel the awards ceremony scheduled for 10 AM (KST) on February 1st and announce a new schedule later, causing disruptions in BTS’ plans.

People are paying attention to how long BTS members’ long-term vacation will last.

A Big Hit official said: “As of now, there will be no change regarding BTS’s concert schedule in March”.

BTS Grammy Awards

When asked by an ARMY (BTS’ fan) “How long do you take a break?”, member V also left an answer on the fan community Weverse saying “I want to rest more.” Following the awards ceremony’s postponement, BTS’ next public schedule became the Seoul concert in March.

Considering BTS’ “weight class”, Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, where the online concert was held in October last year, is likely to be the venue for the performance, but the number of spectators is limited to 4,000 in the aftermath of COVID-19. This means that less than one-tenth of the concert hall’s capacity can be accommodated.

BTS Grammy Awards

Big Hit Music has a strong will to achieve this concert, which will be the first face-to-face concert in Korea in 2 years and 5 months since October 2019. Big Hit Music said that the concert is currently scheduled to be held.

At a press conference held in November last year, member Jin confessed, “We want to hold a concert again in Korea after the Los Angeles concert, and we already have plans for it.” If BTS holds a face-to-face concert with 4,000 people per night, an unprecedented “booking competition” is expected to unfold. This is because the Los Angeles concert in the United States, which gathered an audience of 214,000 in total with 50,000 people per night, also sold out quickly.

BTS Grammy Awards

In the end, like the Los Angeles concert, it is expected to satisfy fans’ demand by broadcasting all or some nights live online.

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