BTS received 5 awards at ‘2021 The Fact Music Awards” and especially won the Daesang for 4 consecutive years

BTS continued to prove their world-class popularity by winning 5 awards, including the daesang at the ‘2021 The Fact Music Awards’.

On the evening of October 2, the ‘2021 The Fact Music Awards’ was held at Paradise City Hotel Plaza in Junggu, Incheon.


The award this year was attended by top-notch artists, such as BTS, Super Junior, Hwang Chi Yeol, Seventeen, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, ITZY, The Boyz, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, Astro, Enhypen, STAYC, Kang Daniel, Cravity, Weeekly, Lim Young Woong, etc.

In particular, BTS won 5 prizes, including Fan N Star Most Voted, U+ Idol Live Popularity Award, Artist of the Year, Listener’s Choice, and Daesang.


First, after winning Fan N Star Most Voted prize, BTS went on stage, and V said, “We were able to receive this award thanks to ARMY (BTS’s fandom), who have voted for us. I‘m feeling nervous because it’s been a long time since we attended an award ceremony and received a prize.”

Then, BTS also won the U+ Live Popularity Award.

After receiving the trophy, V expressed his feelings to fans, “Thanks to ARMY’s votes, we received an award again. I’m nervous because we have not attended any awards for such a long time. The pandemic is still spreading. I hope the day when I can perform for ARMY will come as soon as possible. Today is such a ‘purple’ day!”

BTS received 5 awards at ‘2021 The Fact Music Awards” and especially won the Daesang for 4 consecutive years
BTS Jungkook

After that, BTS even won the Artist of the Year award and was also chosen by most listeners and received the Listener’s Choice award 3 years in a row.

This time, it was J-Hope who spoke on behalf of the group, “I think we did receive this award last year, but the feeling is somehow still new to me. As an artist, the fact that many people listen to our songs motivates us a lot. Thank you so much.”

In the end, the owner of the Daesang was also BTS.

Leader RM delivered his words to fans, “Once again, thank you so much for giving us this Daesang. We did a lot of things this year. We won No.1 on Billboard, performed at the Grammys, attended the UN. However, we couldn’t meet our most important people. It’s so sad that we didn’t have a chance to greet each other, but even though we are far apart, you all still support us. It’s our honor to be here and receive this award.”

BTS Suga

Then, RM continued, “We’re holding a concert in October. We will practice really hard so that we can greet you with a bright smile.”

Suga also shared, “I want to perform in Korea and meet Korean ARMYs as soon as possible.”

BTS, who had received the Daesang award 3 times in a row since the first ceremony of “The Fact Music Awards”, continued to break the record and won the 4th Daesang this year.

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