“BTS” members ran at the same time when Jin slipped at “SuperCon” yesterday.

BTS has been noted for their close friendship. On April 28, they attended the SBS Super Concert in Gwangju at Gwangju World Cup Stadium.

They performed the song ‘Idol’ and showed the audience a lot of rap and powerful performances. It was very unique.

However, there was an accident while the group was performing. Member Jin slipped while dancing passionately and fell down to the floor.

The members were surprised and ran to Jin right away. Jimin helped him get up by holding his hand.

Their professionalism is also impressive. Jin stood up right away and continued the performance without any hesitation.

Fans responded by commenting, “I’m afraid he has been hurt a lot,” “I’m upset,” and “I wish there would never be an accident in the future.”


Meanwhile, BTS will attend the “2019 Billboard Music Awards” in Las Vegas on May 1.

Sources: Dispatch

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