BTS’ Las Vegas concert: Jungkook shows off his abs twice, V is so cute!

BTS members really know how to drive ARMY go crazy!

BTS has successfully held the Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Las Vegas. The 7 boys of the HYBE family not only gave the audience a series of explosive performances but also entertained them with many “one-of-a-kind” moments.

BTS concert in LA

The clip of V throwing flowers to fans but quickly being thrown back is getting a lot of attention. The surprised but equally lovely face of the BTS member made fans excited.

BTS concert in LA

The youngest Jungkook is also extremely cute. When he saw the sign “We want to see…” next to a picture of Jungkook showing off his abs, the male idol quickly lifted up his shirt not just once, but twice.

BTS concert in LA
BTS concert in LA
BTS concert in LA
“You guys want to see my abs, right? Ok”

Some comments from netizens when watching viral moments of 2 BTS members:

  • So lit!!!
  • V: I give you flowers; Fan: No, this flower is for you!
  • How cute V is!
  • Our sexy maknae!
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