BTS J-hope Shows Affection for His BT21 Character Mang and Encourages Self-Expression

BTS’s J-hope conveyed a meaningful message through character design development.

BT21’s official YouTube channel released the fourth episode of “Inside Mang” on May 8th.


BT21 are characters created by BTS in 2017 under the brand Line Friends, and J-hope designed the dancing king character named Mang wearing a mask. Recently, with the intention of providing fans with some fun during his military service, he worked on the renewal project of Mang and completed “Inside Mang,” where Mang takes off his mask.

In the released animation, while cleaning, Mang also showcases his cool dancing skills and even breaks a window due to being too absorbed in dancing.

Previously, on May 4th, BT21 also revealed the process of confirming the final design of “Inside Mang” with J-hope.


He introduced the character setting of “Inside Mang” himself, saying, “Heart-shaped mouth, expressive face, chubby cheeks. Mang has finally taken off his mask!

J-hope wrote a heartfelt letter and gave an inspiring message to Mang without a mask, saying, “Since you have taken off your mask, show yourself as you are, show your expressions confidently, show your actions without embarrassment, express yourself freely. Unfold your dreams. Fighting! Please also support Hobi hyung in the military.”


He personally demonstrated the signature pose of Mang and expressed his gratitude to the design team who completed the animation in a short period. 

In addition, the characters of Mang’s mother, father, and sister were also unveiled. As a squirrel family, they all wore acorn accessories. 

Meanwhile, J-hope enlisted in the 36th Infantry Division recruit training center in Wonju, Gangwon Province, on April 18th.

Source: xsportsnews. 

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