BLACKPINK’s Rosé Praised for Declining a Request at Saint Laurent Fashion Show 

Despite declining a request from a reporter at Saint Laurent’s recent fashion show, BLACKPINK’s Rosé received a lot of praise. 

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Rosé attended the Saint Laurent Fall/Winter fashion show, which was held as part of the 2024 Paris Fashion Week. Here, as the brand’s global ambassador, Rosé continued to captivate audiences. Additionally, she scored major points by gracefully and charmingly refusing a reporter’s request.

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Rosé maintained her unique personality while wearing a sheer and flowing ensemble from Saint Laurent. To avoid appearing too cheesy or losing her usual coolness, she chose to wear sunglasses throughout the event, despite it being held in the evening (French time).

While posing on the red carpet, a reporter requested that Rosé remove her glasses, but the female idol confidently said “no” to preserve her elegant and chic appearance.

Additionally, Rosé’s adorable expression while declining the request immediately won over netizens.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • She’s so cute, even when she refuses someone, she’s adorable.
  • Wearing this outfit without glasses would make it less cool, Rosé saying “no” is right.
  • Haha, removing the glasses would make the outfit less cool.
  • Rosé looks so cute even when turning down people

On the other hand, in previous Saint Laurent shows during Paris Fashion Week, Rosé had never worn sunglasses and always dressed in simple black outfits. Although her fashion choices were still beautiful, the repetitive style drew mixed opinions.

Therefore, Rosé’s decision to go all out at the 2024 show can be considered a subtle and praiseworthy change.

Source: K14

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