BLACKPINK’s Rosé exceeds 4 million subscribers on her personal YouTube channel 

Rosé has officially hit 4 million YouTube subscribers.


On February 16th, it was confirmed that the number of subscribers on Rosé‘s official YouTube channel ‘ROSÉ Official‘ surpassed 4 million.

According to Vling, a site specializing in YouTube channel analysis, Rosé‘s YouTube channel had about 3.7 million YouTube subscribers as of February 11, Rosé‘s birthday, but the number of her subscribers increased by about 300,000 in 6 days. It seems that the three cover videos that Rosé uploaded for her birthday has significantly influenced the popularity of her channel. As of 3PM KST on February 17th, Rosé‘s YouTube channel hit 4.03 million subscribers.

ROSÉ Official

After opening her own channel on December 17, 2019, Rosé has posted a total 7 videos, including 5 cover videos and 2 album introduction videos.

In addition, the total number of views Rosé has recorded with her YouTube videos is about 23.74 million as of February 17th.

ROSÉ Official

In terms of subscriber count, Rosé ranks third among BLACKPINK members, after Lisa (9.7 million) and Jennie (7.8 million), excluding Jisoo, the only BLACKPINK member without a personal YouTube channel.

Rosé has been active in various fields other than music, such as fashion, beauty and commercials. She was recently selected as a campaign model for the 25th anniversary of Homeplus, a Korean retail chain. 

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