BLACKPINK recommended Harry Styles a restaurant, even paid for his meal? 

On March 19th, a netizen published on media platform Twitter that international pop star Harry Styles visited a restaurant in Seoul. 

According to the said netizen, Harry Styles arrived at the restaurant by riding a van, and said that he was recommended the place by BLACKPINK members. 

harry styles

The pop star allegedly had a fun time at the restaurant, and talked to the waitress while grilling his meat. He also answered various questions while still maintaining a sweet and kind demeanor. 

The most interesting situation, however, happened just as Harry Styles got up to pay. In particular, BLACKPINK paid for his meal in advance, so he was taken by surprise. 

Hearing about this, many netizens were surprised by the friendship between Harry Styles and BLACKPINK, leaving comments such as, “No way”, “Had no idea they are this kind of close”, and “ Now I demand for a collab between them”. 

On the other hand, it is known that Harry Styles will be holding a concert in Seoul on March 20th. 

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has been busy preparing for their Coachella appearance in April, and member Jisoo is about to release her first solo album. 

Source: Twitter 

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