BLACKPINK Jennie’s “The Idol” Receives Negative Critics Reviews and Shockingly Low Rotten Tomatoes Score

Controversial HBO drama “The Idol” starring BLACKPINK Jennie receives scathing reviews and a low 9% Rotten Tomatoes score.

After the second preview screening of HBO drama “The Idol” at the Lumière Grand Theatre in Cannes, France, on May 22nd (local time), there has been a flood of related reviews on social media and review sites.

In particular, the Rotten Tomatoes score for “The Idol” currently stands at a mere 9% as of 10 AM KST on May 24th. It falls below two digits, not even reaching 10% of the total 100%. Netizens are showing reactions such as “I’ve never seen a score like this before.


The evaluations from overseas critics who assigned the Rotten Tomatoes score are also unrelenting. Rolling Stone critic David Fear commented, “Messy, brutal, much longer than expected, and much more unpleasant.”

There are also reviews that directly use the word “porn.” Showbiz 411 critic Roger Friedman stated, “‘The Idol’ is gloomy, creepy, and vulgar. It is filled with absurd trash ideas and scenes resembling pornography.” Joanne Tittmarsh from the London Evening Standard remarked, “Compared to Lily-Rose Depp’s loveliness, ‘The Idol’ lacks sensuality. Instead, it feels vulgar and reminiscent of sadistic pornography.”

Furthermore, Caspar Salmon from The Daily Beast said, “Whether intentional or not, the vulgarity of this drama gives off a dreadful and self-justifying expression about rape culture.” Robert Daniels from Playlist described “The Idol” as “Sloppy, repulsive, and sexist.” Teres Larkin from Collider questioned, “How can it be so boring when it’s filled with nudity, sex scenes, and eroticism?” Peter Debruge from Variety mentioned, “A considerable portion of the script is filled with clichés, deceiving the audience.” 


After the premiere of “The Idol,” social media was filled with discussions about the revenge porn setting featuring Lily-Rose Depp, the lead actress, as well as scenes of simulated sexual acts involving the use of an ice sculpture. 

“The Idol” received criticism for being generally shocking and sexually stimulating, reaching the level of “29+ Rated.” Variety, a US media outlet, sharply commented that it portrayed “vulgar male fantasies.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Jennie’s role was close to a special appearance. Jennie played the main character’s friend and backup dancer. It was reported that Jennie’s screen time was approximately 5 minutes in the first episode and 10 minutes in the second episode.

Blackpink jennie

“The Idol” depicts the story of love and passion among popular pop stars in the entertainment industry set in Los Angeles, USA. The production consisted of five episodes and was produced by singer The Weeknd, who also handled the production and screenplay. The drama was directed by Sam Levinson, director of HBO hit drama “Euphoria.” 

Source: Wikitree. 

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