BLACKPINK Jennie on fire in Europe and America but “lazy” in Asia?

Jennie faced criticisms as netizens compared her energy throughout different stops of BLACKPINK’s world tour. 

As an extremely influential figure and an “all-rounder” of YG, BLACKPINK Jennie is often praised for talents and stage presence, and at the same time enjoys popularity both in and outside of Korea. However, alongside iconic stage moments, Jennie also faced accusations of being lazy and lackluster while performing. Now, during BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK world tour, these accusations are gaining fraction again. 

blackpink hongkong concert
BLACKPINK at the Hong Kong stop of their BORN PINK world tour

In particular, Chinese netizens made a compilation clip to compare Jennie’s dancing in Europe stops with her performance in Hong Kong. Here, it can be seen that Jennie was extremely energetic in Europe, while her movements in Hong Kong feels more lackluster and tired. The results are various mixed opinions.

blackpink jennie hongkong
Jennie is being accused of “lazy dancing” in the Hong Kong stop
blackpink jennie hongkong
Her movements lack power 
Her solo stage also draw a lot of mixed opinions

Amid criticisms directed at Jennie, there are also netizens standing up to defend her, who claimed that people who criticized only watched cuts published on the Internet, and so do not know the whole story. People who actually went to the Hong Kong concert have made little complaints so far, they said. 

blackpink jennie hongkong
Even in the most glaring “evidence”, Jennie was dancing correctly 

In fact, throughout all the 3 concerts in Hong Kong, Jennie often goes viral due to her cute visuals and sensual choreography. The female idol has also never danced out of beat, nor missed any movements. During the final night, she even celebrated her birthday with fans, and had emotional moments together. Fans who went to the concert also seem to be pleased with the performances they have, and most of them consider the ongoing criticisms a malicious action from antis

blackpink jennie hongkong
Jennie, who went viral with her cute visuals in Hong Kong, celebrated her birthday with fan in the final night 

Finally, fans also cited the influence of culture on Jennie’s performance. In Europe, the female idol can go full-on sexy with bold clothes and daring movements. And not all Asian fans react positively to this. Thus, it should make sense that Jennie reigned herself in, and became more modest to suit the culture of Asian nations. 

blackpink jennie hongkong
Since Jennie’s sexy image in Europe became controversial among Asian fans, the female idol put on a more modest performance for the Asian stops

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Isn’t she always like this?
  • It’s okay, fans will say she’s performing like a lazy cat
  • No matter what, I still find it very attractive! You didn’t go to their concert anyway.
  • It is nothing new. It’s not very convincing to choose a few seconds during the entire 2-hour concert to criticize her for being lazy.

Source: K14

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