BLACKPINK Contract Renewals Still Up in the Air… YG Says ‘All Members in Discussions’

The contract renewal for the popular girl group BLACKPINK, currently in their “7th year,” with YG Entertainment, remains undecided

Amid the confusion caused by the rumors of BLACKPINK members’ non-renewal of contracts, their agency YG Entertainment has not yet provided a detailed answer. Regarding the articles that poured out earlier on September 21st, YG only issued a brief position, saying “The contract renewal is still under discussion and has not been confirmed yet”.

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YG Entertainment has been very cautious about responding to reports about BLACKPINK’s contract renewal issue ever since the group celebrated their 7th debut anniversary on August 8th.

Following YG’s statement, Sports Seoul stated, “Rosé is the only member who has renewed the contract with YG. Other members would sign with other agencies and they are discussing a separate contract to continue BLACKPINK activities for about one and a half years.”

Meanwhile, Star News official reported, “The members, including Rosé, are still negotiating with YG regarding their contract renewal”.


On the 16th and 17th of the month, BLACKPINK successfully held the ‘BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] FINALE IN SEOUL,’ starting from Seoul a year ago and concluding with this grand finale, encompassing 64 performances in 34 cities worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East, making it the largest tour in the history of girl groups.

At the end of the performance, Jisoo expressed her gratitude, saying, “It’s been one year since we started in Seoul, and being able to finish here makes me happy and leaves me with good memories. I had many thoughts while on stage. I’m grateful to BLINK for giving us strength. Everyone worked hard.”

Rosé mentioned, “I’ve been on the world tour twice, but it feels like it was just the day before yesterday. Traveling on planes all year round, I feel like I’ve become one with BLINK. I’m happy.”

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Lisa, with a heartfelt message, said, “I didn’t want to forget what I wanted to say to BLINK, so I wrote it on my phone. It’s been 2,596 days since we met. This tour was great because we were together with BLINK. I couldn’t have done it without BLINK. Whether the weather was good or bad, you all enjoyed it with us, and I’m grateful for that. BLINK, who made my 20s shine, I love you and thank you.”

Jennie expressed her gratitude, saying, “I want to say thank you to our members. We had to spend a lot of time on planes and traveling, but the four of us supported each other and stayed healthy. I want to thank the members, and as we celebrate our 7th anniversary since our debut, looking back, I wanted to show you a cool and good side of us. I’m happy to have the finale in Seoul since we couldn’t meet our Korean fans as much. Thank you to everyone. The staff also worked hard for a year, and I know they gave us strength. I want to share this honor together. Thank you for always supporting us, BLINK. We will continue to be an amazing BLACKPINK.”

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