[Billboard] Stray Kids are following BTS’ “success formula”

Billboard Korea’s representative Kim Jin Hee recently commented, “JYP’s rookie group StrayKids are recreating BTS’ “success formula”, which focus on being an “artist” KPOP group.”

[Billboard] Stray Kids are following BTS’ “success formula”
[Billboard] Stray Kids are following BTS’ “success formula”

Even though the distinction between idol groups and artists is unclear, but there are certainly some differences. According to Billboard Korea, over the long period of time when K-pop idols have been criticized for being “factory-printed” in Korea, there has been a demand for “artist-type idols” with certain songwriting skills. However, in the recent three years when about 140 idol groups made their debut, only 10 to 20 percent of the groups, such as iKon and Big Bang, are known to have both star and artistic characteristics.

There ia also BTS. The dominant factor in the recent success of the group, who have been able to stand shoulder to shoulder with famous foreign singers on the U.S. Billboard, is that all the members participate in songwriting. Especially, BTS can draw sympathy and goodwill from not only Koreans but also foreign teenagers by referring to lyrics that represented teenagers in their teens and 20s.

JYP’s rookie boy group, Stray Kids, is a new talented group who have been attracting attention in Asia and the United States for the members’ ability to write lyrics and music since even before their debut. StrayKids was formed through Mnet’s survival program called “StrayKids”, in which the trainees had to directly participate in the song-writing process. Their album, ” Mix Tape,” which consists of the songs that were made in the missions of the program, topped the iTunes album chart in four countries, including Finland and the Philippines, and topped the Japan Tower Records Online Daily Sales chart before the Stray makes their official debut. Furthermore, the group was voted as one of the “Top 5 New K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2018” by Billboard, proving their uprising popularity.

“Rookie boy group from JYP, StrayKids, is emulating BTS (BigHit Entertainment)’s success formula in that they are trying to become not just an idol, but an ‘artist’ that speaks for their generation.

Most fans of idols and idols themselves are living the same generation; both in their 10s or 20s. Efforts of artists like BTS and StrayKids in representing their generation through their music gives opportunity for fans to grow with their artist and love them for a long time.” Billboard added.

Sources: Billboard Korea

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