Big Hit Music Responds to Rumors Son Heung Min Will Join ‘Run! BTS’

Earlier, famous Tottenham Hotspur player Son Heung Min hinted at some upcoming plan with BTS on Twitter.

Recently, famous Tottenham Hotspur star Son Heung Min made headlines after hinting at an impending plan with BTS. According to the official account, Tottenham Hotspur released a statement saying: “Something exciting is coming! Follow @Spurs_KR, share this post with your friends, and don’t miss the fun! #Sonny x #BTS”.

This announcement sparked rumors that Son Heungmin and BTS were filming a show together, most likely ‘Run BTS!’. Some Korean news sites also reported on the incident. However, Big Hit, BTS’s management company, quickly responded to the above information, saying: “We don’t know any details.”


Big Hit’s response, however, did not disappoint fans at all because this is the company’s usual response to any rumors. Previously, Hybe also gave a similar answer about former IZ*ONE member Sakura joining the company and then Sakura actually signed with this company.

Son Heung Min had previously stated his admiration for BTS. When asked about his own thoughts regarding the present K-pop industry in an interview with Volvo Korea, he voiced his support for the Big Hit boys: “If you’re Korean, then obviously you listen to BTS’s music. BTS even made history in the UK and I’m grateful that we’re both Koreans.” Son Heung Min also stated that the music of the group helped him a lot emotionally when he was living in England to play for Tottenham Hotspur: “They’ve become a sort of support for me, assisting me in overcoming the difficulties of living in a foreign country. I’m eternally thankful to them, and I’m a huge fan of them.”

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