Big Hit is discussing buying a top boy group’s agency, fans pointed out the most possible name

Fans suspect that the most possible name is PLEDIS Entertainment which currently has 2 top boy groups, NU’EST and SEVENTEEN.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment has confirmed with the media about the acquisition of Source Music – Gfriend’s agency. From now on, instead of an independent agency, Source Music will become a subsidiary under the management of Big Hit and Gfriend is now under the same roof with BTS and TXT.

Big Hit is discussing buying a top boy group’s agency, fans pointed out the most possible name

However, Big Hit Entertainment’s expansion might hasn’t stopped yet. This company is still planning on buying another management company of a famous trot singers and the agency of top boy groups. This detail is stirring up the curiosity of netizens as in which agency is the media mentioning about? And which boy group will soon become a name under Big Hit Entertainment?

At the moment, agencies with top boy groups are not that many. Mostly are Big 3 and some from the mid-end agencies. Among them, PLEDIS Entertainment is currently the most mentioned name. The number of artists under PLEDIS is not many, but there are 2 prominent ones – NU’EST and SEVENTEEN. At the moment, these 2 boy groups are still doing very well on all fields: physical sales, digital sales and concert tours. The possibility of PLEDIS Entertainment being the target of Big Hit Entertainment is highly possible.

If this is true, Big Hit – with 5 groups BTS, TXT, GFriend, NU’EST, SEVENTEEN in its hand – will be strong enough to go head on with SM on both quality and quantity. However, all of these are still just a prediction from the netizens. Let’s wait for the official announcement from Big Hit in the future.

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