Be’O “Role model G-Dragon, advise not to worry about too much hate”

Singer Be’O showed off his warm chemistry with Kang Ho-dong.

On the talk show “Just Come Out”, which aired on Naver NOW. on Oct 26th, Be’O, who recently made a comeback with his first mini-album “FIVE SENSES”, appeared as the 21st guest.

Be’O shared, “My mother is the same age (as Kang Ho-dong). I felt a lot of soft charisma when I saw you on TV as well as when I met you in person. I even gave up my vacation to appear on the show.”


In the Knowledge iN Question time, Be’O’s honest answers unfolded. In particular, he explained the process of writing and composing his hit song “Counting Stars”, “It wasn’t a song I made for Show Me The Money 10. It was originally a song I wrote while thinking about my grandfather on the day I took him to the nursing hospital.”

About ranking first on the day of the release of the song, he said, “I was performing on the day of the release of the song, so I found out that I ranked first on stage. There were fans crying together with me. I was so emotional at that time. When I called my mom, she was crying, too. My dad shouted with excitement.”

When asked how he felt when his first song was released and the copyright fee was first deposited, he replied, “Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘My music was relatable!’ I always had a mindset that ‘If you go to the end, you can do everything’. The same went for ‘Counting Stars’.”


Be’O also revealed an anecdote related to the copyright fee of “Counting Stars”. He advised his father, who gave up his dream because he had to make a living, to quit his job. He confessed, “He quit right away. So I felt sorry for my dad. My dad’s expression every time he went to work hurt me so much. It was my expression when I really didn’t want to go to school.”


Be’O’s sincere music story continued. Be’O, who dreamed of doing music in his third year of middle school, quit boxing, which he had been doing for 2 years, and challenged Mnet’s “High School Rapper” and “Show Me The Money“.

Choosing G-Dragon as his role model, Be’O shared, “He knows what he’s like the most. I felt inspired by all of his activities. Recently, he gave me a lot of advice while having a drink. He told me, ‘You’re doing very well. Don’t worry about too much hate.’ GD said it, so it was more touching.”

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