Bae Doo-na confused Gong Yoo by suddenly asking him to slap her

Actress Bae Doo-na drew attention by doing an absurd mission to Gong Yoo.

On January 28th, the cast of Netflix’s “The Silent Sea” appeared on the the YouTube channel “채널 십오야” and played various games and missions.

On this day, as soon as Bae Doo-na had a break from the interview, she made an absurd request to Gong Yoo.

She asked, “Please slap me in the face.” Gong Yoo was confused and avoided it, saying, “You must be crazy.”

But Bae Doo-na did not give in.

The actress kept chasing Gong Yoo and asked him to slap her in the face, or on the head if he couldn’t.

When Gong Yoo refused, she chased him and asked him to do it. The actress even said, “Hey, what are good friends for?”

However, Gong Yoo refused one after another.

At Bae Doo-na’s earnest request, Gong Yoo eventually slapped her slightly.

Then, Bae Doona asked for one more. Gong Yoo finally noticed that it was a mission. He asked Bae Doona, “Is that the end of the mission?”

Bae Doona brought her cheek close to him again but he refused to slap her.

The actor told her to ask someone else to do it.

Bae Doo-na continued to cling to Gong Yoo. Gong Yoo told another actor, “She told me to slap her on the face.”

In the show, the cast tried to do their own missions. Meanwhile, it is not clear whether Bae Doo-na’s mission is to be slapped.

The channel announced that the answer to the question will be revealed in a video on February 4th.

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