Asa of BABYMONSTER showcases her all-round talent with ‘Me, Myself & I’ cover video

Asa from YG’s BABYMONSTER stuns with ‘Me, Myself & I’ cover video, proving herself as a versatile all-rounder with impressive rap, vocal, and rhythmic abilities

Asa, a potential member of BABYMONSTER, has captured the hearts of global music fans with her outstanding singing and rapping skills. YG Entertainment announced on the 10th that “today we have released Asa’s cover video of ‘Me, Myself & I’ on our official blog,” adding that “it’s her solo mission stage that first unveiled in EP.5 of the debut reality show ‘Last Evaluation’, which led to praise from the YG family.”


From the beginning of the released video, Asa’s performance was powerful. Along with strong guitar sounds, Asa’s unique vocal tone immediately caught the ears of the viewers. Her dreamy yet groovy rhythm added a perfect synergy and drew admiration from those who watched.


Asa’s excellent sense of rhythm was also highlighted in the rap part. With a fast-paced high-tone rap, she reversed the atmosphere and freely roamed the stage under the purple lighting, exuding a “hip” aura. Especially for this performance, Asa wrote and performed a rap in Korean with accurate diction and lyrics filled with sincerity towards her dream, leaving a deep impression.

Her charismatic facial expressions and senseful point gestures were also overwhelming. Her strong gaze and confident attitude harmoniously matched the overall mood of the song, enhancing the immersion.

This performance made people realize Asa’s infinite potential once again. She showcased a wide range of musical abilities by constantly switching between powerful high-pitched notes and stylish rapping. As a result, she has received high praise from music fans around the world.


BABYMONSTER is a rookie girl group released by YG about seven years after BLACKPINK. The potential members consist of three Koreans (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), two Thai (Pharita, Chikita), and two Japanese (Ruka, Asa), most of whom are in their teens.

Source: newscenter

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