An anti-feminism group in Korea – ‘New Men’s Solidarity’ criticized for using Jeon Hyo-sung’s photo for an ads to throw shade at the Ministry of Gender

The “Korea Women’s Network” criticized the “New Men’s Solidarity” for using a sensitive photo of singer Jeon Hyo-sung for their balloon ads to claim the abolition of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

Earlier on November 13th, the “New Men’s Solidarity” held a rally to call for the abolition of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. During this process, some members of the “New Men’s Solidarity” printed a large picture of singer Jeon Hyo-sung when she appeared on tvN’s show “SNL Korea” and used it as a balloon ads.

Therefore, the “Korea Woman’s Network” issued a statement on November 16th, saying, “Apologize for the infringement of Jeon Hyo-sung’s portrait rights”. They explained, “The ‘New Men’s Solidarity, which advocates anti-feminism, has tarnished the name of men. They printed a large photo of Jeon Hyo-sung wearing a maid outfit in the past and used it as an ads. The reason was that singer Jeon Hyo-sung participated in a campaign of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.”

The “Korea Woman’s Network” pointed out, “They mocked individual woman and violated the portrait rights. This action is dirty. Celebrities are also human. They have portrait rights and can also feel hurt. We feel sorry for Jeon Hyo-sung. There are many fans who love Jeon Hyo-sung. Legal action should be taken to against this.”, they said.

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family recently released a campaign video featuring celebrities, including Jeon Hyo-sung, to deliver messages on preventing gender violence. However, some netizens protested against this campaign, saying it regarded men as potential criminals. After the protest, Jeon Hyo-sung reportedly canceled all her schedules. Her company didn’t mention any detailed reason.

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