An acquaintance of Kim Seon-ho and his ex: hinted his ex might have tricked Seon-ho into getting her pregnant, no abortion was forced; revealed Seon-ho’s contract

Netizen A, who claimed to be the acquaintance of both Kim Seon-ho and his ex-girlfriend, uploaded another claim. 

On Oct 25th, A said on their account, Kim Seon-ho signed a three-year exclusive contract with Salt Entertainment from September 2018 to September 2021 and signed a temporary contract from October 2021,” adding, “However, unlike the exclusive contract, according to the temporary contract, the penalty for breach of contract with the advertisers are mostly paid by (Kim Seon-ho).” 

A then demanded, “Instead of doing media play only by saying things such as “We will go to the end of this” or “This is just groundless rumor”, Salt Entertainment need to disclose the exact explanation, that is, the provisions on the burden of advertising penalties in your exclusive contracts and temporary contracts, to the public.”

Kim Seon-ho

Earlier on Oct 22nd, A claimed that they were an acquaintance of Kim Seon-ho and said, “I know Kim Seon-ho as well as the person who wrote that exposing article. I’m not sure if my revelation will benefit or do anything to someone, but I’ll reveal it only through famous entertainment media based on objective facts from my third party’s point of view,” they said. “I’ll reveal the truth on the 25th,” they confirmed.

They pointed out, “KSH, YSK are the celebrities who were about to leave their agencies. However, only the cover of the case was revealed. A lot more celebrities will soon collapse. I saw them all myself. The reality in the industry is during the contract period, if you ask the company to take care of the risks and solve all the disadvantageous things but still want to discuss and leave the company, they will grab your ankle and threaten your life. If things still don’t work out, they won’t let you survive this industry anymore.” 

Kim Seon-ho

In response, Kim Seon-ho‘s company, Salt Entertainment, denied the rumors by announcing through various media outlets, “Rumor of the termination of our contract with Kim Seon-ho is not true. We can’t reveal the contract period, but we haven’t reached the time to discuss the termination yet”. Kim Seon-ho signed his contract with Salt Entertainment in September 2018, and they have been working together for 3 years.

Kim Seon-ho

“Kim Seon-ho signed a three-year exclusive contract with Salt Entertainment from September 2018 to September 2021. From October 2021, the contract is only a temporary one. However, unlike the exclusive contract, the temporary contract signed in October is a contract in which most of the advertising penalties are paid by Party B (Kim Seon-ho).

Salt Entertainment should stop manipulating media by saying things such as “We’ll make it until the end”, “It’s groundless” and start explaining clearly. In other words, please reveal the provisions related to the advertising penalties of both contracts to the public.”

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