Almost being an EXO’s member; Is it Bad Luck for Jinho to debut with PENTAGON?

Not only being unable to debut with EXO but in PENTAGON, Jinho is also having struggles.

PENTAGON is on the verge of their career as 4 members in a row were caught up in dating scandals. The group’s image is taking a downfall, also the fans are having a breakdown as they think they’re betrayed by their idols. Today, PENTAGON’s Korean fans have written a letter to international fans explaining why they react negatively to the scandal, including the how the scandals have affected the rest of the group.

Unlike (G)-IDLE, PENTAGON has been struggling ever since their debut. PENTAGON was born in 2016, but their position at the moment is more like a rookie. Furthermore, the group has some members who once had to go through a rough time in order to debut as a Kpop idol. The most notable example is definitely Jinho.

Not only being unable to debut with EXO but in PENTAGON, Jinho is also having struggles.

Before joining CUBE Entertainment, Jinho was a long-time trainee under SM Entertainment. He was well known for his god given voice. Jinho was excellent to the point that SM had given him a position in SM The Ballad along with other seniors in 2010 with privilege. He also once performed with the group on stage before. Hence, fans thought that no doubt would he debut in SM’s new boygroup in no time.

Image result for jinho sm the ballad
Jinho in SM The Ballad

However, man plans and god laughs. Jinho failed to be an EXO’s member despite being a trainee for 6 years. Kpop fans assumed that the reason he didn’t have a spot in EXO is because his concept is too similar to EXO’s member D.O.

Although debuting with PENTAGON, he was not as popular as his teammate Hui and E’DAWN. Currently he is the member who has to endure the consequences of the multiple scandals in his group. Many fans feel sorry for Jinho and think that it would be better if Jinho was a solo artist rather than being in an idol group.

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