After lip-syncing controversy, aespa boasts powerful live vocals in new behind-the-scenes video of their recording

Although aespa constantly comes under controversy over lip-syncing, the girls’ live singing skills are no joke. 

At 0:00 on December 24 (KST), SM officially released episode 1 of the RE:MASTERPIECE project series on Youtube. The video takes fans behind the scenes of aespa’s recording for the remake of “Dreams Come True” (original song by S.E.S), with BoA as the director. 

Dreams Come True MV was released earlier on December 20 and trended on social media thanks to the beautiful visuals and lovely voice of the 4 aespa members. Most importantly, the fact that Karina and Giselle, despite taking on rapper positions, perfectly pull off singing parts, or how main vocalist Ningning can also rap is like aespa’s way to clap back at anti-fans who often doubt and criticize the group’s talent. 

Recently, aespa constantly stumbled into controversy over repeatedly lip-syncing at various events. Even fans want to hear the members sing live more often. And now, this wish has been fulfilled by SM with the behind-the-scenes footage showing aespa’s raw vocals. 

aespa’s recording for Dreams Come True 

Without disappointing fans, aespa members show off their beautiful vocal color and outstanding singing skills. Karina proves that she not only has pretty visuals but also talent. Winter also strikes back at anti-fans who once criticized aespa’s high notes for being “fake” when the members confidently hit high notes without even… wincing.

aespa karina
Not only is she good at rapping, but Karina also sings well and hits high notes effortlessly 
aespa karina
aespa winter
BoA is impressed with Winter’s powerful vocals
aespa winter

Foreign members Ningning and Giselle also had no trouble performing their senior’s song. If main vocalist Ningning surprises netizens with her smooth rapping, main rapper Giselle proves she has a lovely singing voice. 

aespa ningning
Ningning is not only good at singing but also rapping
aespa ningning
aespa giselle
aespa giselle

This is indeed aespa’s response to the netizen, both implicitly proving its ability and taking advantage of the opportunity to attract more new fans. If aespa always keeps up the good form and brings these skills to the stage, the group will definitely quickly rise to a “next level”.

Fans are excited to see the professional side of aespa
aespa winter

Netizens comments:

  • True fact: Æspa vocals aren’t jokes. They are on next levels.
  • Aespa is really quick to understand BOA’s guidance and fix any parts that she comments o . That’s really incredible for a rookie like them. They will go far with this talent.
  • aespa do everything and make things better. They are not just normal people but amazing people trying their hardest. We love you forever
  • We can really see how professional they are, esp from the way they said “Yes~” it’s full of determination.
  • Ningning’s vocal technique is something very praised, she controls the notes very easily, even being very young, imagine her in a few years, this girl came to make history.
  • SM is vocal powerhouse and so is Aespa because they’re from SM. Their rappers can also be vocalists, Karina and Giselle proved that a long time ago with Forever and now with Dreams Come True. Winter and Ningning are great vocalists, they can sing high and low notes with ease, they can even maintain a composed facial expression when singing a high note. No wonder people always doubt if they’re singing live or not.
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