“aespa will never surpass BLACKPINK”, netizens’ comments and their explanations

aespa’s performance on the main stage of Coachella is memorable event. However, netizens believe they still fall behind BLACKPICK.

For Kpop fans, the last couple of days have been filled with Coachella discussions, especially those about the performance of girl group aespa. At this world famous music festival, the 2-year-old Kpop group performed their hit songs Black Mamba, Next Level, and Savage, as well as new tracks aenergy and Life’s Too Short. 

aespa’s Coachella performance is said to be lackluster compared to BLACKPINK’s 

Winding back to when aespa’s performance was first announced, netizens actually raised quite the doubt if this inexperienced idol group can fire up the stage. They also compared aespa to senior groups like BLACKPINK and 2NE1, who both delivered iconic performances on the same stage. And now that aespa’s performance has come and gone, netizen’s verdict is out: “aespa will never surpass BLACKPINK.”

According to them, despite performing fully live, aespa didn’t have a strong remix that fit an outdoor stage. In addition, BLACKPINK used a live band for their backtrack, instead of pre-recorded instruments like their junior. 


The audience’s reactions also differed completely between the two groups, these people said. Since aespa’s performance was during breaktime, the audience is said to be bored and tired. Meanwhile, the atmosphere at BLACKPINK’s stage was simply unmatched, the netizens claimed. 

Others also expressed opinions that aespa was the most lackluster Kpop performance to ever hit the stage of Coachella. However, others firmly praised the groups, commenting that the group’s inexperience will give way to further improvement. 

Still, the controversial discussion is actually focused on aespa’s performance clothes. BLINKs (fandom of BLACKPINK), believed that these bear a close resemblance to BLACKPINK in the 2019 Coachella. It didn’t help that this was not the first time aespa was accused of copying BLACKPINK

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