aespa made a “big mistake” while talking on the phone with Lee Kwang Soo in front of Kim Jong Kook

Group aespa appeared on Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube channel “GYM JONG KOOK”.

On May 18th, a video titled “Because I’m not an SM trainer… (Feat. aespa)” was uploaded on Kim Jong Kook‘s YouTube channel “GYM JONG KOOK”.


Kim Jong Kook said there was something he wanted to ask when he met his juniors, and asked, “Is there anything you like other than working?

Winter replied, “If I have time, I want to learn cooking.” She also mentioned tea ceremony, golf and bowling.

Karina mentioned “Running Man”, saying, “I love watching variety shows.” Ningning expressed her affection as a fan, “When I was little, I watched ‘Running Man’ while eating every day. So it’s amazing to see (Kim Jong Kook) in person.”

Karina confessed, “To say the least, I really like senior Jong Kook.”

Winter picked Song Ji Hyo as her favorite member of “Running Man” and said, “It’s so funny. Especially when she gets mad.” Karina picked Kim Jong Kook, saying, “I really like gags that people get angry about.” Giselle also picked Kim Jong Kook, saying, “I like to work out.

Ningning picked Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo. Ningning said, “I really like senior Lee Kwang Soo.” When asked why she likes Lee Kwang Soo, Ningning replied, “He didn’t do much, but it was funny.

Kim Jong Kook called Lee Kwang Soo. Ningning was thrilled, saying, “It’s an honor.”

Lee Kwang Soo greeted, “I’ve been listening to all of aespa’s songs from their debut until now.” However, when asked about aespa’s debut song, Lee Kwang Soo caused laughter as he incorrectly answered “Next Level”.

Ningning added laughter by confessing, “Senior Kwang Soo, I’m watching ‘Running Man’ well.” Kim Jong Kook smilingly responded, “He left ‘Running Man’.

When Kim Jong Kook said “It could be Ningning’s gag“, Lee Kwang Soo smiled bitterly, saying, “Her tone wasn’t a joke.”

Source: Wikitree

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