Actress Lee Si Young became a world record holder by conquering the Swiss Alps at 4164m above sea level

Lee Si Young set a new record in the history of women’s mountain sports.

The Swiss Tourism Organization announced on June 20th, “On June 17th, 80 female mountaineers, including Switzerland Tourism ambassador (Swiss Friends) Lee Si Young, gathered in Switzerland and achieved a milestone in the history of women’s mountain sports.”

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They set a world record, making the world’s longest human belt by climbing to the top of the Breithorn mountain range at 4,164 meters above sea level in the Valais canton, southern Switzerland. This event was held as part of the ‘100% Women‘ campaign hosted by the Swiss Tourism Organization.

The event’s purpose was to provide female mountaineers around the world with a new opportunity to explore Switzerland’s nature, and to further support women taking on new challenges.

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It was a campaign to create an opportunity for women to step out of their comfort zone and actively challenge themselves in order to obtain new achievements and gain self-realization.

Women from 25 countries around the world, including South Korea, Europe, the United States, Iran, India, South Africa, Kazakhstan, and Ecuador, who participated in this event, showed their limitless spirit of challenge.

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South Korea’s representative Lee Si Young said, “It means a lot to be a part of this “100% Women” campaign that supports women’s new challenges. I am happy to achieve the world record with various female mountaineers around the world and that I have safely and successfully climbed the mountain.”

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Meanwhile, Lee Si Young, who was born in 1982 and turns 41 this year (Korean age), married a businessman 9 years older than her in 2017, and has a son. Lee Si Young has long been known among celebrities for her athleticism. She enjoys various sports as a hobby. Her recent in-body test results came as a surprise as she is 169 cm tall, weighs 55.4 kg, has 28 kg skeletal muscle mass, 5.2 kg body fat mass, and 9.4% in body fat percentage. 

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