Actor Jung Tae-woo’s son Ha-joon draws keen attention with his handsome appearance that resembles BTS Jin’s

Actor Jung Tae-woo revealed the face of his handsome first son Ha-joon, who is said to look like BTS’s Jin.

Jung Tae-woo and Jang In-hee made their first appearance on KBS2’s “Mr. House Husband Season 2” broadcast on June 25th. The couple revealed their daily lives, starting by introducing that they have been married for 13 years. 

jung tae woo bts jin

Jang In-hee said, “I have been flying for 17 years and raising my two sons at the same time. I’m a working mom who can work, take care of my children, and do the housework.

jung tae woo bts jin

Soon after, Jung Tae-woo’s two sons Ha-joon and Ha-rin showed up. Inheriting the good genes from their beautiful mother and father, the two boys caught the eyes of netizens at first glance.

Kim Ji-hye, who was watching the VCR in the studio, praised the visuals of the first son Ha-joon, saying, “He looks like BTS’s Jin”.

jung tae woo bts jin

Many viewers who watched the broadcast also agreed with Kim Ji-hye’s comment. They pointed out the biggest resemblance was that Jin and Ha-joon both have deer-like eyes and thick lower lip. 

jung tae woo bts jin

Jung Tae-woo and Jang In-hee have been revealing their sons’ daily life through their personal Instagram. In a released photo, Ha-joon showed off his handsome appearance as Jin’s lookalike. 

Internet users responded enthusiastically to Ha-joon’s pictures, saying “He really looks like Jin”, “He has the visual of an idol”, “He’s just a baby but already boasts such a handsome appearance”, etc.

Meanwhile, Jung Tae-woo married his wife Jang In-hee, a flight attendant who is 1 year older than him, in 2009 and has two sons.

jung tae woo bts jin

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