A hot rumor of BTS’s upcoming album: V will join “Cypher pt.5” with the rapper-line?

Even though it was just a rumor, it still makes A.R.M.Y unable to stand still.

Being released 1 month ago, BTS’s “Love Yourself: Tear” album hasn’t cooled down in the domestic and international charts yet. After 3 weeks of promotion, ARMY (BTS’s fandom name) has suddenly been surrounded under the rumor: V will take part in “Cypher pt.5”!

Specifically, in these days, there is a suspicious picture on SNS. The photo has low quality and apparently taken by phone, capturing a computer screen with information believed to be from the upcoming album of BTS. The information includes: Name of the album (Wonder), production team (Pdogg, Charli, Perry, ADORA, Bobby Chung, Kim Namjoon, etc.), tracklist (Intro, What You Mean, Must Be Loved, Smeraldo, etc…), released date (26/4), collaborative artist (Hyuna) and especially the appearance of “Cypher pt.5” with the participation of V!

“Love Yourself” series consists of 4 parts, “Her” and “Tear” have already come out, the sequel is said to be “Wonder”, featuring the theme song (which is the introduction to the content and the style of the series) “Euphoria”. In the picture, there’re many familiar names of the producers from BigHit Entertainment. The song’s name is unique yet profound and suited to the recent style of BTS. Smeraldo is the keyword that caught ARMY’s attention in BTS’s comeback. Due to that coincidence, the picture has been spreading over SNS with light speed and confuses everyone.

“Euphoria” was released before “Tear” and it’s “Wonder”’s theme song. There are a lot of theories about Smeraldo, which will definitely embroiling ARMY for so long.

Back to the formation of “Cypher pt.5”. A lot of fans have been disappointed when “Cypher” wasn’t in their new full album, so the rumor of this “Anthem to haters” upcoming release is still doubltful to many people but they still have to be a little excited inside. Also, “Cypher pt.5” maybe featuring by Kim Taehyung (V’s real name), a loyal fan of the rapper-line. Who will not be excited with that news?

V will be working with the awesome rapper-line of BTS in the upcoming album?

If you are a fan of BTS, you would definitely know about V’s enthusiasm with the “Cypher” series. He even covered their rap song “Cypher pt.3” on their 3rd-year anniversary. The lyrics of the rap song wasn’t easy to remember at all, but he still learned it by heart and got praised by the fans.

V’s “Cypher pt.3” performance was very funny but still be able to show his passion. Everytime the rapper-line plays “Cypher”, V always gets crazy and passionately let himself go with the flow.

Besides, Hyuna’s sudden appearance as a collaborative artist in the picture which caused the stir also made the fans so excited. Hyuna, the female idol who is famous with her sexy image, is a senior of BTS with many years of experience. BTS will probably be a flying tiger if they really have a collaboration with Hyuna.

BTS and Hyuna, the collaboration will be able to shock the whole Kpop!

But don’t be happy yet because this rumor has been exposed by many fans. The comeback date is so unreasonable as BTS has just made their comeback in May. Moreover, “Euphoria” is just the theme song for “Wonder” and has never been announced as an “Intro”. But anyway, we still ave the right to expect that BTS will make millions of ARMY’s wishes come true with making V as a new element of the “Cypher”. With BTS and BigHit, nothing is impossible!

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