“I like short girls”… Gray’s ideal type got re-examined after the dating rumor with Go Min-si

Rumors of a romantic relationship erupted after rapper Gray and actress Go Min-si posted photos taken at the same place on their SNS accounts.

Netizens are suspecting that Gray and Go Min-si went on a trip to the U.S. together. Meanwhile, on April 28th, Go Min-si‘s agency Mystic Story did not admit or deny this rumor, saying, “We have nothing to say because it’s the actress’ private life.”

Gray Go Min-si

Gray’s ideal type is being re-examined among fans due to the spread of his dating rumors. They realized that Gray’s ideal type and Go Min-si herself are very similar.

Gray Go Min-si

Gray, who is known to be less than 170 centimeters tall, appeared on MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” in the past and confessed, “I don’t feel attracted to tall people.” At the time, Gray said, “I’ve always gone out with people who are smaller than me,” adding that actress Park Bo-young is his ideal type among celebrities.

Gray Go Min-si

Go Min-si is about 160 centimeters tall, which is not very tall. Gray then added, “I like women who have pretty teeth and pretty smiles.” Go Min-si, with her straight teeth, was very famous for being a star with a pretty smile, which also matched Gray’s ideal type.

Gray Go Min-si

Go Min-si appeared in the music video of “Make Love,” one of Gray’s first full-length album double title tracks released in August last year, and get to know Gray since then. Many respond that they will support this relationship between them, who are both great people, whether it is love or just friendship.

Gray Go Min-si
Gray Go Min-si
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