A fan’s story of having listened to SHINee’s music since she was in the womb made many surprised to realize they are already old!

 A fan’s recently shared story about having SHINee’s music played by her mother while she was still in the womb has caught attention in the online community, everyone after reading it feels too old!

For a long time, Kpop has become a precious part associated with the memories of many fans.  Each generation of idols has left a deep imprint on the hearts of fans as well as the music lovers community.  But are there any idol songs that have been with you since you were in… the womb?

 Recently, fans have been drawn to a post sharing about one’s memories with SHINee’s song Replay, which was released before this fan was born!

Accordingly, after watching the online concert SMTOWN LIVE Culture Humanity on January 1, 2021, a user of a Korean Twitter account reposted the video of SHINee’s journey with the caption: “Oh my god, my mom said she often listened to Replay in the prenatal period, which means when I was still in the womb! “. SHINee’s Replay was released in May 2008, which means that this Twitter user was most likely born in 2008 or 2009 and she is now 11-12 years old.

 What surprised the public is that a child born at the same time as the song is now so big, even uses social media now and shares the story of her mother listening to this song since she was still in the womb. The post made many people “startled” when they realized how old they are, and Replay has also debuted for 13 years!

 Some of Knet’s comments on the forum in response to this post made many people feel “sad” to realise they are “old”, everyone has to pitifully accept the fact that they are getting old.  

 – Why do I suddenly feel so old.

 – That means this person is only 12 years old?

 – In a moment I see myself getting ten years older.

 – If I got married that year, my daughter will probably post the same on social media now, my goodness.

 – I was 5 years old then. But I must admit every time I listen to Replay i get very emotional.

 – Back then, I used to listen to K-pop music thanks to my cousin, I was very addicted but I didn’t know the title of any song, I just played music and sang along.

 – When SHINee released this song, I was 8 years old, but until 9 years later I became a SHINee fan.

 – Fans of 2nd gen idols are already old.

 – Actually, when SHINee released this, I was a 3rd year student. The members back then felt like the boys next door, especially Taemin, so handsome.

 Replay was released on May 22, 2008 and was SHINee’s debut song. The song was written by Yoo Young Jin (the owner of many hits like Sorry Sorry of Super Junior, Genie of SNSD or Bad Boy of Red Velvet).  The music video of the song features Victoria (former member of f (x)).  The song became a phenomenon in Korea at that time thanks to the catchy “killing part”: “Noona, you look so pretty”. SHINee’s Replay is a legendary song, associated with the childhood of many generations of Kpop fans.

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