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A boyfriend who insists on wearing a mask even when sleeping with his girlfriend, saying safety is the best

The 19-rated love talk show "Witch Hunt 2022” featured the story of a man obsessed with wearing mask.

In the second episode of TVing “Witch Hunt 2022,” which was released on August 12th, the story sent by a 25-year-old woman, who is proud of having a lot of love experiences, was revealed.

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Ms. A has recently met various men through an application. However, she was disappointed that all the men she met were only attractive when covered by the face mask by her standards.

A then met a new man B with a careless attitude due to the previous series of failures, but B was handsome even when he took off his mask.

Afterward, A actively confronted B and made him her boyfriend. However, B was a person who considered wearing mask a very important thing.

B reacted very sensitively whenever A took off her mask for a while, even when taking photos. When A tried to eat something outdoors, B told her to quickly put her mask on and pulled it up for her again.

A has had no serious thought about this as she wondered if B had any health concerns.

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Then, about a week ago, the two had their first night together, and B covered A’s nose and mouth with a blanket instead of a mask, saying, “Safety is the best even when we do this.”

Then, B suggested they both wear masks while getting it on, saying, “I think it would be rather good because it is safe and it feels different.”

A was dumbfounded and shocked, but her boyfriend said it too seriously, so she agreed to wear a mask while making love.

A said, “I was very confused, but my boyfriend said he liked it and made a fuss to do that again next time,” adding, “Since then, we have made love with a mask on three times. I’ve given up on kisses and everything that can be done with my mouth.”

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Later, A confessed her concerns to a friend in this regard.

A’s friend said, “Your boyfriend is really weird. Isn’t it because you’re someone who looks better with a mask on too? Your lower jaw is a bit more developed than other parts on your face.”

A complained that she doesn’t know if her boyfriend insisted on wearing a mask because he doesn’t like her lower jaw, or if he is really sensitive to health. 

MC Code Kunst, who heard the story, said he already saw a lot of people around him who are too sensitive to safety, adding that B may be a person with excessive health concerns.

witch hunt

MC Shin Dong-yeop said, “That man may have that kind of sexual fantasy,” and MC Kim Eana said, “Maybe she is his real ideal type when she wears a mask.”

Meanwhile, MC Bibi drew attention by suggesting the couple wear transparent masks to solve A’s concerns.

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