After 5 months of marriage… A 2nd-generation idol couple suddenly delivered the news of begetting a daughter

A second-generation idol couple drew attention when they announced the news of having a baby girl after 5 months of marriage.

On Sep 6th, model-former Rania member T-ae (Lee Tae-eun) posted a photo on her Instagram story with the caption “I’m going to start a one-sided love from today”.

The photo showed T-ae’s baby sleeping soundly. Even though she is a newborn baby, her distinct features and thick hair attracted attention.


On this day, T-ae said, “She endured it for 6 weeks. She should have endured it a little more. She came out in a hurry. However, she ate hard and gained weight, so she’s 2.8kg.”

T-ae expressed her affection for her daughter, “So small and precious.”

She also posted a selfie with the caption “Successful in sitting after 24 hours of surgery”, expressing her hardships after giving birth.

T-ae received many congratulations as she married F.Cuz Ye-jun in April. At that time, the two skipped dating rumors and immediately announced their marriage, drawing keen attention.

T-ae debuted as a member of girl group Rania in 2011 and gained popularity with songs such as “Dr. Feel Good”.

After leaving the team, she started broadcasting online under her real name Tae-eun.

Source: wikitree

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