“9 months pregnant” Wonder Girls Hyelim revealed her appearance after gaining 15kg

Hyelim, a former member of girl group Wonder Girls, unveiled her beautiful D-line in the 9th month of her pregnancy.

Hyelim uploaded a post answering a fan’s question on her Instagram Story on January 20th. 

One netizen asked Hyelim how much weight she had gained, and she said, “I’m in the 9th month of pregnancy. And I gained 15kg”.


The attached photo revealed Hyelim showing off her D-line in the late period of her pregnancy. Although Hyelim gained 15kg, she still drew attention with her beautiful appearance.

Meanwhile, Hyelim made her debut in the music industry in 2010 after joining Wonder Girls as a new member. She married Taekwondo athlete Shin Min-chul in July 2020. Then, she made headlines when announcing her pregnancy last year. 

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