4 Korean actors lost their roles because of shocking scandals: sexual harassment and shameful past

In order not to affect the crew and the viewers’ experience, Korean actors who got involved in scandals were immediately removed from the productions they were taking part in. 

The Korean entertainment industry is inherently harsh, even to A-list actors. Anyone involved in a serious controversy would end up being eliminated from the project they are participating in.

1. Ji Soo

One of the most shocking scandals in the Korean entertainment industry this year was actor Ji Soo being accused of school violence, even sexually harassing his classmates in the past. This allegation caused Ji Soo to be immediately kicked out of the drama River Where the Moon Rises, even though 6 episodes were already broadcast and Jisoo was the male lead. Ji Soo then apologized and admitted to his wrongdoings but denied the allegations of sexual assault. However, Ji Soo is believed to have run out of ways to return to the Korean entertainment industry.

korean actors scandal
Ji Soo in the drama River Where the Moon Rises

2. Onew

As an idol-turned actor, Onew was on the rise when he was accused of sexual harassment at a famous nightclub in Gangnam. Specifically, the male singer-actor was accused of making inappropriate physical contact with a woman (called A). After the incident was exposed by the press, SM Entertainment responded that Onew only accidentally touched A due to being drunk. The police stated that A later withdrew the lawsuit at SM’s request, but Onew’s sexual harassment towards her is an irrevocable fact. Not long after that, SM announced that Onew had been removed from the drama he was participating in, jTBC’s Age Of Youth 2.

korean actors scandal
Onew in Age Of Youth 2

3. Park Shi Hoo

korean actors scandal

In 2013, the Korean public was shocked when famous actor Park Shi Hoo was involved in an alleged rape scandal. The incident caused Park Shi Hoo’s career to be completely ruined, he had to disappear from the industry for a long time. KBS then invited Park Shi Hoo to participate in the project Golden Cross, but due to public pressure, this offer had to be shelved.

4. Kim Moo Yeol

Actor Kim Moo Yeol used to be the focus of criticism when he repeatedly asked to postpone his military service. In 2010, after the 730-day postponement of enlistment ended, the actor applied for an exemption from military service due to a knee injury. After failing to get approval, he continued to apply for another exemption on the grounds of being a low-income individual, this time, he was approved.


The Korean Inspection Commission later accused Kim Moo Yeol of trying to avoid his military duties because his income was substantially higher than the standard for disqualification for military service due to poverty. Kim Moo Yeol’s case was investigated, and the public continued to criticize the actor even though his agency issued a response. The controversy caused him to lose his role in the film AM 11:00.

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