4 beautiful witches in the K-drama: Excellent visual helps Song Ji Hyo overwhelm her juniors

Let's take a look at the beautiful and charming witches who have appeared in Korean movies.

1. Kim Sae Ron – Secret Healer

Set in historical times, Secret Healer is a romantic love story between a witch and an ordinary boy. Unable to have children, Queen Sim asked the witch Hong Joo for help. A twin with one boy and one girl was born, however, fate was not as lucky as her brother, princess Seo Ri (Kim Sae Ron) was cursed to become a witch and was left in a deep cave. Having a tragic fate, the witch Seo Ri still shines thanks to her beautiful appearance and honest nature.

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2. Han Ga In – The Moon Embracing The Sun

The film is the story of King Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) and the witch Yeon Woo (Han Ga In). Originally the daughter of an aristocrat, Yeon Woo is a beautiful and kind girl who was engaged to Crown Prince Lee Hwon. Persecuted and assassinated, poor Yeon Woo lost her memory, had to wander and became a witch. Although her acting is still a controversial topic, it is undeniable that Han Ga In is such an excellent beauty.

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3. Yoon So Hee – Witch’s Love

Living under a family of three generations of witches, the witch Kang Cho Hong (Yoon So Hee) is always trying to find ways to hide her powers. During the day, she works as a delivery driver at a legendary rice porridge restaurant owned by her grandmother, and at night, she and her elderly aunt learn how to use and hide magic. Yoon So Hee has brought us a mysterious but extremely innocent witch.

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4. Song Ji Hyo – The Witch’s Restaurant

The Witch’s Restaurant is a fantasy film about a restaurant of a witch that sells wishes and if customers want to live the life they dream of, they’ll have to pay the price of their soul. Song Ji Hyo plays the female lead Jo Hee Ra – the owner of a witch restaurant full of charm and beauty. Song Ji Hyo’s luxurious image is completely different from the previous roles she has played.

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Source: K14

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