3 years after discharge, G-Dragon posts photos from the military?

BIGBANG member G-Dragon celebrated 3 years of his dischargement from the military

On October 26th, G-Dragon posted several photos on his Instagram, tagged the location as “Baekgol Unit of the Cheorwon 3rd Division“, and added the caption “October 26, 2019 / 2022”.

“Baekgol Unit of the Cheorwon 3rd Division“ refers to G-Dragon’s unit while he was in the army.

g-dragon instagram

In one photo, G-Dragon can be seen wearing a flower wreath necklace around his neck and making an exciting expression. It is presumed that this was taken on the day of his discharge from the military.

In another photo, a cake with the words “Congratulations from the military” stands out, and G-Dragon also released a photo of him wearing a hat which reads “Republic of Korea Army”. It seems that G-Dragon is recalling his dischargement 3 years later.


On the other hand, G-Dragon was discharged on October 26, 2019, after one year and eight months of serving in the military.

Source: dispatch

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