11 Years Ago vs. Now: Krystal’s Unchanging Expression When Watching JYP’s Performance

Krystal’s “judgemental” gaze towards JYP’s unconventional performance never changes 

At the recent 2023 Blue Dragon Film Awards, J.Y. Park stole the show with a performance that took social media by storm. Performing a set of four songs – Sweet Dreams, When We Disco, Take On Me, and Changed Man – J.Y. Park showcased not only his vocals but also his impressive dance moves. He even transformed from an oversized cloak to a sizzling bodysuit.

The amusing reactions of actors in the audiences to J.Y. Park’s performance also went viral. Amidst the astonishment, Krystal’s confused and somewhat “unimpressed” expression, reminiscent of her past reaction, became a hot topic.


When watching J.Y. Park on stage, Krystal’s “icy” and judgemental gaze was quick to become a new viral reaction meme among netizens.

Krystal’s expression at the 2023 Blue Dragon Film Awards mirrors her reaction 11 years ago when watching J.Y. Park’s stage at the 2012 MAMA Awards. Back then, she looked completely emotionless for over 10 minutes of J.Y. Park’s performance.


Krystal’s unchanging expressions for 11 years fascinate fans. Whether it’s 2012 or 2023, her charismatic presence continues to capture attention.

Source: k14

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