YG produced full Japanese album of BLACKPINK but this is what makes fans angry

Not only did they not have any information about BLACKPINK’s comeback in Korea, but the fans were also angry at YG’s album production.

Continuing the incredible success of “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, BLACKPINK is expected to have a comeback at the end of the year to strengthen their position in Korean market. However, after the recent announcement of the YG, BLINKs are angry as BLACKPINK is going to release their first full album in Japanese market, not in their home country. Specifically, the four YG girls will release their first full album in Japan on Dec. 5.

BLACKPINK japan album scaled 1
YG produced the full Japanese album of BLACKPINK before Korean one.

However, what makes the fans uneasy is that the entire songs in this full album are the nine songs of the group that were previously released in Korea in two languages, Japanese and Korean, and absolutely no new songs.

BLACKPINK japan album 1
The list of songs in the album are the songs that have fans have known by heart.

With the price of the album in Japan always several times higher than the price of the album in Korea, fans feel “unworthy” of having to buy the songs that are so familiar and only different in language. Even songs such as “Boombayah”, “Whistle” or “Playing With Fire” in the Japanese version have already appeared on the album “Re: BLACKPINK” released earlier. Fans are hoping that YG will focus on BLACKPINK in the Korean market before attacking other markets.

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