Yeonwoo talks about her character and the ending of “The Golden Spoon”

Actress Yeonwoo revealed her thoughts after MBC’s Fri-Sat drama “The Golden Spoon” ended.

In an interview with Xports News on November 14th, Yeonwoo said, “I watched the final broadcast with other actors and it didn’t feel real to me. I couldn’t believe that the drama that we filmed together for as long as 6 months already ended. I regret some points but also feel relieved. I really wanted to do well, but I’m glad that we completed it by working hard together”, expressing her thoughts after the drama “The Golden Spoon” ended.

The Golden Spoon

Yeonwoo showed her growth by playing the role of Oh Yeo Jin in MBC’s recently ended drama “The Golden Spoon”. Oh Yeo Jin is a character who grew up in a wealthy family and has a pretty appearance as well as a bold personality. However, Jung Na Ra, who was born into a violent family, stole the life of her friend Oh Yeo Jin and became an acquired gold spoon. Yeonwoo perfectly portrayed a character with great ambitions.

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In the end, Yeo Jin married Park Jang Goon (Kim Kang Min), who liked her, gave birth to a child, and lives a peaceful life taking care of two fathers. However, the scene where her daughter was kidnapped by her biological father made the viewers wonder if it was the harsh price she had to pay for using the golden spoon.

Yeonwoo shared, “Even in reality or in dramas, people who committed evil deeds wouldn’t be able to have a happy ending. (Yeo Jin) She did not make a mistake but did something bad. Nevertheless, I adore and love Yeo Jin, and there would be someone who loves Yeo Jin as much as I do. There can be people who hate her.”

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Referring to the open ending, she said, “I think only those who have experienced such things can understand. My character became a villain for a reason, but in fact, many people in this real world make the right choice even if they were put in disadvantaged environments. Not all of them would make the same choice as Yeo Jin. I think Yeo Jin has to pay for hurting others. If you do that to your friend, you have no choice but to gain back the consequences. I think it’s kind of an inevitable fate. The world waited for Yeo Jin until had a baby and could get a big punishment, so I think she should be punished.”


In this regard, Yeonwoo confessed, “At the beginning, I was afraid that I wouldn’t get good reactions. I was so scared to the point that I turned on a live broadcast before the drama was aired and said, ‘Please don’t hate Yeo Jin too much’. Since I played a villain, I couldn’t watch the official broadcast and was very nervous. In the middle of the drama filming, I had mixed feelings for both families while playing Yeo Jin. I hated this friend because she is bad, but I felt sorry for her somehow. I’m glad that many viewers also felt the same way.”

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She continued, “It feels good that there were people who didn’t realize Yeo Jin in ‘The Golden Spoon’ was Jae Yi in ‘Live On’. I really tried to express the characters differently, and I’m glad that my portrayal seems to be accepted by the audiences.”

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The official cover album with Yeonwoo in center

Yeonwoo made her debut as a member of MOMOLAND in 2016, but left the group in November 2019 and turned to acting. After appearing in “The Golden Spoon”, she was rediscovered and received many compliments for her impressive acting performances.

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