“XX, are you doing okay?”… Park So-hyun was shocked as Sandara Park suddenly revealed the name of her ex-boyfriend 

Singer Sandara Park drew keen attention as she directly revealed her ex-boyfriend’s real name on a recent show.

On October 12th, a video titled “Secret menu of Soobingsoo that caught the small eaters taste(feat. Seulgi)” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Happy Garlic Studio”.

Red Velvet Seulgi and Youtuber Soobingsoo appeared as “eating professors”. In particular, Soobingsoo prepared blackfish sashimi and special marinated crab.

As the first person to taste, Seulgi ate two slices of sashimi at a time and expressed her admiration for the dish prepared by Soobingsoo.

sandara park

Tasting blackfish sashimi, Seulgi commented, “The taste is very unique. It’s like chewing meat. It doesn’t have any fishy taste. It’s so chewy in my mouth. It has a fresh taste”.

Park So-hyun, who swallowed saliva while listening to Seulgi’s explanation of the taste, also picked up some sashimi. “Small eater” Sandara Park also took courage and eat a thin slice of sashimi. She then said, “I’ve never intended to eat sashimi but a friend I met before loves sashimi so much”.

At Sandara Park’s honest confession, Park So-hyun stuttered, “Your boyfriend, right?”.

In response, Sandara Park looked at the camera and said, “XX ah, are you doing okay?”, revealing her ex-boyfriend’s name. Embarrassed by the sudden situation, Park So-hyun said, “Don’t reveal his name. Why did you do that? I was so surprised”.

Sandara Park then said, “I said it because Sohyun doesn’t believe that I had a boyfriend”, explaining the unexpected revelation and drawing laughter. 

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