Woo Hye-rim, “I joined Wonder Girls while preparing for Miss A’s debut. I relied on Sunye unnie a lot”

Woo Hye-rim confessed about her late debut as a Wonder Girls’ member.

The broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Godfather” aired on March 2nd showed Woo Hye-rim, Kang Joo-eun and Wonder Girls Sunye telling honest stories as well as the couple Woo Hye-rim – Shin Min-chul unveiling their son’s face for the first time.

Woo Hye-rim

On this day, Woo Hye-rim surprised Kang Joo-eun by confessing about her late debut with Wonder Girls, “I suddenly joined Wonder Girls while preparing for Miss A’s debut”.

Woo Hye-rim drew sympathy as she burst into tears while saying, “I was scared because everything was so vague after I debuted. I didn’t have time to think about anything else”. Seeing Woo Hye-rim crying, Sunye comforted her, “You had lots of worries but you were stronger than I thought. Even though you looked weak, you were actually very thoughtful”. 

Woo Hye-rim

In addition, Woo Hye-rim shared, “I relied on Sunye unnie a lot while carrying out Wonder Girls’ activities. Not long ago, she came to my house and cooked meals for me. I was very delicious”, boasting the warm atmosphere of those who have maintained a strong friendship.

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